19-year-old dog abandoned near the end of his life finds joy in new home

We all know dogs only have a short time on this planet when compared to humans. That’s why it’s important to give them the loving and comfortable life they deserve!

For many older dogs, their owners simply abandon them as they age, sometimes never thinking about giving them the proper care and attention they deserve.

Sometimes these abandoned senior dogs don’t get a second chance at a life in a loving home.

The story about Ace is completely different

Ace was abandoned at the end of his life and he thought he had lost it all. But then, he met a very special lady who helped him through his golden years! From 19 years old, Ace qualified as a senior dog. This meant, as a dog, he had come toward the end of his life.

The shelter called for rescue teams to help him and the other animals escape the fire. The team helped him and the rest of the animals evacuate to safety. Ace soon discovered that he was 150 miles away from where he had started.

Ace soon found himself in a foster home

After arriving at the shelter, a foster parent named Bonnie came in to see him. She noticed how much energy he still had and how playful and curious he still was. Despite his glassy eyes and gray fur, it was obvious to her that he was still just as playful and curious as he had always been.

He still has pep in his step.

When she saw him, Bonnie wanted to take him home and look after him until he died. She felt Ace had been through enough and didn’t want him to spend the rest of his life in a shelter.

Her ultimate hope was that someone would offer to adopt the senior dog.

The time has come to get to know the rest of the family.

Introducing Ace to his new home, she made sure to show him where he would be living. She showed him the bed, water bowl, and where he would eat.

Other dogs at the home are welcoming Ace and showing their affection to him.

“When I first brought Ace home, he was very aloof.” Bonnie told The Dodo, “He didn’t solicit attention. Didn’t seem to care if I petted him or not.”

The first day that Bonnie brought Ace home, he’d been a little aloof. Three months went by and before she knew it, Ace was playing tug with one of her bigger dogs. He even started to show his youthful energy on walks, often leading the pack.

Soon after, it was time for Ace to go up for adoption. First, though, he had to get some dental work and so his adoption was delayed.

It was at this time that he started showing Bonnie affection and seeking her attention. That was all it took for Bonnie to make a decision.

She decided to adopt Ace herself.

“When he first came up and put his head on my lap and started nuzzling me, it tugged at my heart. That is when I decided that I was going to adopt him,” Bonnie said.

For Bonnie, this was the natural thing to do. While he had started his new journey alone at the shelter, he soon found a loving family where he could call home.

For more on this lovely story go to the video below.