5 Bald Puppies Found On Side Of Road Just Kept Kissing Rescuers

Their own personalities are gradually emerging.

Five hairless, sickly-appearing puppies were snuggled up together by the side of the road by themselves when a resident of Vineland, New Jersey, happened to be driving by. These poor infants were clearly abandoned, and the Good Samaritan passing by felt they couldn’t simply leave them there.

A South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter representative was dispatched to pick up the puppies as soon as the person called. They were in such horrible form that the officer made the decision to take them directly to the veterinarian rather than the animal shelter because it was obvious that they urgently required medical attention. Each of the five puppies had open sores all over their bodies, mange, eye infections, swollen feet, and other physical ailments. They were also terribly thin, and it was obvious from how poorly cared for they had been wherever they had come from.


The employees and volunteers at the shelter could hardly believe their eyes when the puppies were brought in after being examined by the veterinarian. The puppies were the nicest little puppies and welcomed their rescuers with nothing but love and gratitude despite having gone through so much and being treated so horribly.

Even in their current state, Kathleen Leary, director of operations at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, said of the animals, “They were all quite lovely on intake.” They were licking our faces and waving their tails.


The puppies are believed to be roughly five and a half months old and may be a mastiff-cane corso mix, but it’s difficult to tell for sure because of how poorly they are doing. They are all still mostly bald, with only a few tufts of fur here and there, and getting a ton of care to make sure their healing processes proceed as smoothly as possible.

They are taking antibiotics, eye medications, and medicated baths, and our veterinarian will check them again every week, according to Leary.


Now that they are all in foster care, the five puppies are doing remarkably well. The Mushroom Kingdom 5—Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Daisy, and Princess Peach—are the names given to them by the shelter, which chose to model them after the Super Mario characters.

They all appear to get along well with other dogs and enjoy people, according to Leary. “Their little personalities are [slowly] coming out,” he added.


Ideally, the five puppies will be all recovered and in a good place before leaving for their forever homes, but it will depend on how they develop. The shelter anticipates that all five puppies will be available for adoption in approximately a month. The Mushroom Kingdom 5 undoubtedly had a difficult beginning to existence, but now that they’re receiving the love and attention they’d been lacking, they won’t ever have to fear neglect again.


If anyone has any information, they are asked to contact the Vineland Police Department at 856-691-4111, according to Leary. “We are also trying to find out who did this to them and of course we wonder what condition the parents may be in,” Leary said.