Dog gets a second chance in life after giving up his life to fate

Valia Orfanidou is an animal rescue campaigner from Greece. She is also the founder of The Orphan Pet, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating videos of all animals, including humans. She often goes to shelters to help poor animals.

One of the first things Valia does every time she arrives at the shelter is to check into the infirmary and meet the new arrivals, the vulnerable and the poor. Even when they fully recover and become beautiful dogs like before, people still can’t forget their first pictures at the shelter.

During one visit to the shelter, Valia saw a desperate dog lying in her crate. The dog named Richard was saved in Greece by Save a Greek Stray, a no-kill shelter that has saved countless dead dogs on the streets. He had the elegance of a gentleman like a kind graceful man.

He was in pain because his health was not good. He thought he wouldn’t be able to survive, so he left his life to fate. Valia was heartbroken, but she couldn’t help him. She waved goodbye to him that day and thought she would never see him again.

But amazingly, he miraculously recovered. He exited the infirmary and entered the shelter. A couple named Sophie and France applied to adopt the boy and give him a second chance at life. They adopted not one but two very sick dogs. There was a lot of love in that house.

Now Richards lives at home with his family in Vienna. Unlike some other dogs, he looked right at home from the moment he first arrived. He had to face bad situations in the past, but now he can finally live comfortably. He even has a new name Ivo.

“Richard emptied his sorrows and was reborn for all the love he received since the beginning. Your love Valia, the love of the rescuers, and the love of all the beautiful dogs that later became his friends at the shelter. All that big and wonderful feeling became active in his life, giving him the chance to be adopted by a loving family, and once again, Love Happened!!! ” one person commented.

Thank you to those who believe that shelter dogs can be great companions. And thanks to Valia for sharing this story; you are great! If you would like to support Valia to help animals in need, you can contact her via

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