Rescued homeless dog waiting for help in the rain and found her a loving home

It was a cold rainy day and the road was quite sparse. Cars just passed as fast as possible to return to their warm home. No one noticed that there was a poor soul trembling by the side of the road, waiting for a helping hand.

Luckily, on the way back to their shelter, the Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter caught the dog and stopped to save her. As their car got closer, the dog ran quickly into the bushes to hide from them. The rescuers thought she was just showing signs of aggression towards strangers, but it turned out that she was homeless, and she did it out of fear.

The dog had to go through many traumas in the past. Her eyes were full of sadness. Her coat was dirty and drenched from staying out of the rain for so long. where was she from? Did she ever have a house or an owner? No one could know the answer. The rescuer gave her some food to gain her trust. The dog was distraught, but in the end, she decided to trust him. After pacifying her for a while, they brought her back to their shelter. Her life began to change.

Just arrived at the shelter, many furry friends rushed to the gate to welcome them. The shelter seemed so basic, they obviously didn’t have the best conditions, but they have the shelter and boundless love that homeless dogs need most. They all seemed very happy. They are curious about their new friend, who still looked so shy in an unfamiliar environment.

The rescued dog was about two years old, and they named her Lady. Fortunately, a month later, Lady found a forever-loving home. She is currently a very healthy and playful dog, enjoying her happy life with caring owners and friends every day. Such a touching ending.

There are still many animals at Mladenovac Dog Shelter that need your help. Please help them get more food and better condition by sending a small donation.

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