Starving kitten finds happiness again after being a.ban.doned in crowded street

Oreo is a playful boy living in a safe place, being loved and cared for. You can’t imagine that he was once a starving homeless kitten crying for food on the street. At that time, he sneaked into shops but was rejected and kicked out. There were many people on the road, but no one seemed to notice the little soul. Just because Oreo is a cat doesn’t mean he has to be mistreated. So a kind man decided to help him with some food.

When he was fed, Oreo ate the food as if he hadn’t put anything in his stomach for days. The meal calmed him down and relaxed him. The rescuer thought he couldn’t forget the scene where Oreo came up to a man and innocently begged him for food. He was just too adorable to be dumped on the street and fight alone for his survival. Oreo deserved a better life. Therefore, the rescue force brought him to a safer place.

That place was a loving shelter. Oreo didn’t know that it was a new beginning of his life. He lived in a comfortable home, enjoying his warm cage and playing with other furry friends. A foster home is where he can spend the night without being disturbed by hunger or danger. Oreo is a cheerful boy who loves to play with peacock feathers. Being loved and cared for by the man, he felt happy and grateful.

He is also a sociable guy and makes friends very quickly. One of his best friends is Lara, living in a cage nearby. They often communicate with each other while staying in their cages. Days later, the rescuer took him to the vet for a checkup. Examination showed that the sweetheart is very healthy. He is currently living happily at the shelter and finding a permanent home. You can find more information about Little Oreo on Youtube, FB, or Instagram.

We hope the sweetheart will soon have a wonderful family of his own.

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