8 Unmistakable Ways Your Cat love you

There have been numerous myths about cats and their relationship with humans. It has been believed that most cats consider human beings as servants and not true friends.

With the role of a cat carer and a cat mom, I would like to share the truth with you. Cats have loyalty and unconditional love, especially, they have their ways of expressing it. If you wonder whether your cat loves you, below are eight ways you can identify your cat’s love every day. I believe that your cat displays at least one of these behaviors to show their affection.

  1. Meowing and purring.

You think that your cat is purring loudly when the tanker truck pulls up at your front door. You believe that your cat is meowing at you constantly from another place when it wants you to come and then play with it. But have you ever considered that your cat is trying to tell you that it loves you?

Purring is known as the top sign of cat contentment and love. Coupled with the cat’s typical meow sounds, which are only reserved for humans, your cat reveals he loves you.
My lovely cat named Sweet Pea is in the kitchen and meows till I come over to look at what is happening. It is her way to get my full attention.

  1. Following you everywhere.

Suppose your lovely cat continually follows you around, or she tries to prevent you from getting your work done, luckily. In that case, you own a cat who sees you as a great companion.

Many cats want to become close to humans, and they also wish humans to only focus on them. My cat, for example, is very envious of all my phone calls. She displays that behavior by sitting near me and pawing at my arm until I notice her. Most of my cats enjoy following me around the house as I am doing chores, occasionally tripping me on the way to ensure I pay some attention to them. Also, I never shut my restroom door if I do not want it to be broken by my cats. Forget about getting into the restroom on my own.

  1. Bellying up.

Your cat is telling you that he trusts and loves you when he rolls around you and exposes his belly or when he sleeps with his belly up in the center of a room. A cat’s belly is one of the most vulnerable spots, so your cat only exposes his belly to someone he completely trusts.

However, cats exposing their bellies do not necessarily mean an invitation to pet their bellies. It would help if you were careful because not all cats enjoy being rubbed or touched there. A client kitty of mine usually exposes his tummy to show his trust and love to me, yet I have to proceed with caution. One false move can lose that trust.

  1. Bringing gifts.

Gifts are the cats’ way of taking care of their owners. For outdoor cats, they may bring home their freshly caught prey. The indoor cats may bring toys to their owners instead.

Every morning, one of my cats, Sonny, usually brings his tiny pink mouse to me. We play a game together. I toss that toy, and Sonny brings it back a couple of times before I have breakfast. However, the most impressive thing to me was when my lovely cat named Trouble died. The following morning, some of my felines piled up the toys outside Trouble’s cubby. It is real feline love.

  1. Head bonks.

A head bonk from a cat is a sure sign of affection. When your cat does this with you, he is saying he loves you. When he does this with another cat, it is a signal of friendship.

I observed that one new cat, Colby, was accepted to be a part of the cat’s club in my household. One of my cats, BooBoo, gave Colby a firm head bonk. One more example is that another cat, Cupcake, tends to bonk my legs with her head continuously when I feed her.

  1. Nipping.

The gentle nips are considered signs of devotion and love. They are associated with deep purring and half-closed eyes.

It is necessary to teach your cat to keep gentle by shouting “ow” and then pulling away if he bites too intensely.

If you receive the gentle little nips, that means your cat loves you, and you are special to him.

  1. Sleeping.

Does your cat usually fall asleep on your lap? Does your cat usually sleep with you in the evening? If your cat enjoys sleeping on or near you, you become a beloved feline owner. My tiny kitten, Smoochie, likes to sleep in my lap or on my chest when I sit down. My big cat, Lovey, will not be happy if he does not snooze on my hip. There always are some companions in my bed at night. The first thing I see every morning usually is BooBoo’s face.

  1. Blinking eyes slowly.

If your cat is staring at you and slowly blinking, he tries to communicate with you by showing affection. A slow blink is a sign of love and acceptance. My cat named Brownie has lived with me since she was eight weeks old. Although Brownie is quite shy, she slowly blinks back at me to offer her love.

While you are talking to your cat, you look at her and slowly and deliberately blink your own eyes. If she slowly blinks back at you, you have made an effective connection.