92-Year-Old Retired Vet Dedicates His Life To Making Wheelchairs For Disabled Dogs

It’s hard to believe that Dr. Lincoln Parkes, a man in his nineties, still finds time to help animals in need.

Over the course of his career as a vet, Parkes has assisted numerous creatures in dire need.

In retirement, Parkes is doing what he enjoys most: caring for and rescuing animals.


The love and compassion for animals that Parkes has for them lives on, and Parkes is grateful that he can spend his senior years doing what he loves.

He has started a firm called K-9 Carts, which manufactures wheelchairs for dogs that are unable to walk on their own.


Nothing makes Parkes happier than witnessing a puppy’s face light up with joy after being equipped with a new wheelchair, which he spends his days designing just for animals in need.

In retirement, Parkes is able to devote all of his time and efforts to K-9 Carts, although he has been making doggie wheelchairs since the 1960s!


Initially, he was approached by an individual who had a paralyzed dog, and he decided to help the animal.

He couldn’t walk after being hit by a car and becoming paralyzed from the waist down.


The bereaved pet-father was at a loss for what to do and was seriously considering euthanizing his furbaby.

The poor pup’s quality of life had deteriorated, and the pup was becoming increasingly difficult to care for.

Parkes, on the other hand, had an idea.

He created a miniature cart for the paralyzed pup and took the pup for a spin on it to test it out.

With the pup’s pet-father, Parkes and the pup went to a field and threw a frisbee for him.

Their breath seized in their throats as they watched the dog sprint for the frisbee, jump and catch it in mid-air.

It was a life-altering experience.

The pup’s life had been restored thanks to Parkes’s cart, and Parkes himself had discovered a new purpose in life.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Since he created K-9 Carts, Parkes has been making a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged dogs.

Every cart Parkes crafts is specifically tailored to each dog’s needs, and it’s evident that he genuinely cares about each and every one of the furry customers who come through his door.

Even at the age of 92, he is adamant about continuing to work and save lives.

A great hero, Parkes is both wonderful and inspiring.

Throughout his career as a veterinarian and with his puppy wheelchairs, he has saved countless lives, and we are in awe of his compassion and devotion.

He has received a great deal of acclaim on the internet and has helped to restore many people’s trust in humanity.

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