A.ban.doned puppy waiting on the street for someone to help

Lika is an animal lover living and working in Thailand. She owns a YouTube channel called Lika Loves Animals sharing animal rescue videos. Last year, she and her family member had the opportunity to rescue an a.ban.doned puppy on the street and give it a better life.

She will never forget the day she met the dog and saved it. That day, her family members were walking on the street when they saw a box with the words “please help.” She didn’t know what it was, so she checked and discovered the white puppy inside the box.

The little dog was sick and dirty, so he brought it home right away. He and Lika cleaned the dog to remove mud, soil, salt, and sand from his body. Then she gave him food and water to fill his empty stomach. Because he was hungry, he ate very quickly.

After enjoying the meal, the puppy needed a good sleep. Lika quickly prepared a cozy and comfortable bed for him. She used a shoebox and a warm blanket to make her bed. Before the dog fell asleep, she even gave him hugs and cuddles to comfort him.

After everything that happened to him in the past, the sad pup now has a new owner and a loving home that he deserves. God bless you! You are a wonderful person, and you have a big heart. Thank you for rescuing this little dog and giving him a new life.