A deaf dog that was abandoned on the street for eleven years has been given a second chance in life

It’s a rough life for a dog that lives on the streets of Los Angeles. In fact, it’s so rough that one lucky dog was able to spend the night on a stranger’s porch. After all, a soft bed and a warm place to sleep are just a dog-nap away.

A dog’s life on the streets

A deaf dog that was abandoned on the street for eleven years has been given a second chance in life

This is a sad tale of a dog who had spent most of his life sleeping on the porch of a house. Although he might have looked like he was surviving, it seems that he didn’t feel very comfortable. When the woman outside the house saw the dog, instead of running him off, she decided to try and help him.

He was rescued by a kind soul

A kind soul found this little dog named Solo. She named him Solovino, or Solo, and she called a rescue organization called Rocket Dog Rescue, to come and pick him up. The goal was to find him a new home.

It was hard to find a new home for Solo when he arrived at the shelter.

After a year and a half at a shelter, it was finally Carol’s turn to give an abandoned dog a loving home. She knew in her heart that this was the right dog for her and made a commitment to take on Solo as her own.

“As soon as I saw his face on their site, I wanted to love him,” Messina told The Dodo. “Then I saw that his name was Solovino, and being a HUGE ‘Star Wars’ fan (I have a cat with a ‘Star Wars’ name as well) I immediately thought, ‘Well, his name is Solo!’ Come to find out, that’s what his foster dad had been calling him! I knew it was fate. Then when I met him and saw how sad he was, I knew he was going to stay with me forever no matter what.”

Messina finds a shocking truth

She noticed that he was a little shy and nervous when she first got him. He was slow to trust and a bit more wary than usual.

This is when she made a discovery, he was almost deaf. Even the folks at Rocket Dog Rescue didn’t realize this. He also had bad teeth, which she had fixed.

She also gave him a lot of love, and now he loves everybody.

A whole new vibe

It was night and day when the change in Solo’s demeanor happened. He became cheerful and more outgoing. He also bought himself a vest to let people know that he is deaf and to stop them from trying to touch him. And Messina even switches on and off the lights when he comes into the room because he doesn’t want to startle him.

“The people who live around us are always commenting on how he doesn’t even seem like the same dog anymore,” Messina said. “He didn’t smile or barely open his mouth even to pant for months, and now he smiles and rolls around and will run full-tilt across the lawn a dozen times a day.”46+30

Solo finally found a house he could call his own

Years of living life alone on the street has finally led Solo to find someone he wants to spend the rest of his days with in a nice, comfy home.

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