A dog adopted orphaned opossums and then put them on her backs for great rides

Tragedy strikes a group of opossums after their mother is attacked and killed by a dog in a Brazilian residence.

Obviously, poor children will not be able to survive on their own. Fortunately, a passerby spotted the orphans, all so young that they hadn’t opened their eyes yet – and handed them over to pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado for safety.

Initially, Stephanie hoped to bring the opossums to a nearby wildlife rescue team. Unfortunately, however, she was told that the shelter was at its maximum and was unable to accept any new arrivals.

So she did it herself to keep the unfortunate kids warm and well-fed.

The babies need to feed continuously every 2 hours, but it was too early to tell if they will survive without more maternal attention.

That was when her dog, Pretinha, entered.

As soon as Stephanie walked through the door, hugging the herd of opossums, Pretinha immediately sensed that the lonely children were in desperate need of love and care. The sweet dog immediately began to look at them as if they were their own.

Maldonado wrote on FB: “It’s great to see all her care and concern for them, licking them all the time and squeezing them together,” Maldonado wrote.

Pretinha and the herd of opossums quickly became inseparable, and thanks to all their love, care, and nurture, they promptly became solid and strong enough to climb on her back.

Pretinha clearly enjoyed calling her new mother.

Pretinha loves her adopted opossums and lets them ride on her back as she goes for a walk, just like a mommy opossum!

It was an incredible friendship.

The dog is so accepting of letting the opossum orphans climb on her that she even takes them on rides during her walks, just like a real opossum mother.

Once the babies were old enough, Stephanie returned the opossums to a wildlife center, where they could live their lives out to the fullest — taking with them the legacy of love and affection given to them by their adoptive mom.

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