A dog called Guardian refused to leave his sister’s side after she was hit by a car

One of the most complex moments or feelings we experience in life is grief. Losing a loved one awakens a variety of emotions, regardless of personal beliefs.

Each individual experiences the situation differently, and although we can express what we feel, we find it difficult to understand ourselves. So now imagine, you can’t even talk?

Dogs experience a similar experience losing their owner or four-legged friends. And that’s exactly what happened between a dog in Texas and his sister and how it got the name Guardian.

The Kingsville Kleberg Department of Health’s Animal Care & Control Center shared a post detailing the call they received about a dead dog. Upon arriving at the scene, they witnessed what they called a “heart-pounding spectacle.” They found another dog to guard the dead dog’s body.

The couple turned out to be siblings, and the center’s staff believed the bitch had been hit and killed by a car.

“This kid wouldn’t let anyone mess with his sister,” the Kingsville Kleberg Department of Health’s Animal Care & Control Center shared on FB.

Add that it was not easy for team members to persuade the dog they were there for help.

The dogs, mixed Catahoula, stood side by side on the road. In the end, the officers were able to lure the dog away. They named him Guardian and were keeping him for four days.

Guardian showed that sibling loyalty not only applies to humans but also extends to dogs. Social media users were touched by the post.

One person commented: “It hurts. The guardian is delighted to have a home. RIP for his sister. ”

“Animals have a bigger heart than most humans. Thank you for saving this smart, sweet dog, ”said another.

However, that is not all bad news for the Guardian. After so much love and affection that the volunteers at the home gave him, he was quickly accepted into the loving home. Get a second chance to have a happy life.