A Dog walked 20 miles twice to find the way back to his old house

This is the adventure of a six-year-old dog named Cathleen, and she is a combination of the Great Pyrenees. Her owners have moved to a fence-free home located in Seminole, Oklahoma.

For that reason, the owner had to send her to a family in Prague, a town where is 20 miles from Seminole. Dogs are known to be very loyal and kind to their owners, so the dog in this story made every effort to return to her old family.

Cathleen loved her family and missed them so much that she decided to take action and go back to her old home. Last winter, Cathleen walked from Prague to her old home in Seminole.

The faithful dog walked 20 miles in freezing weather. It has been a long and difficult journey for a dog girl just to see her family again.

Unfortunately, the family was not as faithful as Cathleen, so they brought her back to Prague. Cathleen was so determined to go back to her old family that she walked another 20 miles a few days later. From Prague, Cathleen traveled 20 miles above at 40 degrees (4 ° C) to get home to Seminole.

Tired of her wandering, her new family abandoned her and brought her to the Humane Society. Luckily for Cathleen, her story went viral, and she found a loving family from Texas who decided to adopt her.

Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures, and Cathleen’s adventure in finding her family is certainly a great example.

People looking for loyalty can easily come from a dog-like Cathleen.
The Cathleen story warmed everyone’s heart.

Fortunately, Cathleen found an eternal family from Texas where she will live with four dog siblings.