A Dog’s Loyalty: He Waited Roadside for 7 Days Because His Owner Said, “Stay.”

I have strong conviction in the fact that dogs truly are mankind’s best friend; they are loyal and loving, in every way imaginable. The moment I see a dog, I can confirm that he is a good dog.

The difficult task of keeping a dog in place is not just about getting a dog to obey your commands. For some dogs, obedience to your command requires more from them than simply obeying. When you order your dog to “stay”, he has to be willing to respect your wishes and obey for your benefit. When you ask your dog to “stay”, he should be able to demonstrate integrity and loyalty to you.

Luke’s devotion to his owner was one of the most powerful examples of loyalty a dog could give and even just imagining how little his owner had to offer in return seemed almost unbelievable. It is heartbreaking to comprehend how little love and respect his owner in return offered.

A team of guys in Moscow, Russia had seen a man give a German Shepherd to the side of the road and simply say “stay.” The dog did.

Immediately the man drove away, he never returned.

And… Luke

It was only until Canadian woman, Meredith Andrew heard about the story on FB and she immediately contacted iHeartDog to make sure that Luke would feel comfortable.

“A woman who worked there saw it happen,  she tried to get him to move, but he wouldn’t.

The woman reportedly spent the next seven days ensuring that the dog didn’t leave its side of the road, Seven whole days the dog had obeyed his command “stay” and stayed right where he was.

What he experienced was loneliness. He had no one. After the seven day period, Luke’s luck changed as some kind strangers fed him more compassion than his own owner could offer.

Luke, a Good boy

After seven days, Elena Kniazeva had convinced the dog that this was not what he wanted and deserved. Elena brought Luke to shelters where other dogs lived. The dogs at the shelter had heartbreaking pasts just like Luke.

At the shelter he had been trained to learn something of which was much better than, “stay”. He learned to jump with joy! Joy jumps of happiness.

Luke jumps for joy

According to source, Luke became so filled with joy and happiness that it seemed his happy paws never touched the ground. He jumped for joy and he didn’t stop.

Being around humans and dogs who cared for him was found to be the cause of his happiness as it brought forth self worth.

So, what’s next for happy, leaping Luke?

He is about to fly for a long way from Russia to Canada. Luke and his dog-friend, Dennis, will fly 4,600 miles from Russia to Toronto, Canada in May to begin their lives in foster care.

That is definitely a huge leap of faith.

Happy dogs, Luke and Dennis

Through tireless efforts from both sides of the world, AKA the oceans that separate Russia and Canada, Luke and Dennis, and their fates, is in the hands of Helen Antoniou. Helen is the founder of Cause 4 Paws and has made a plea online to raise money to raise funds for the long journey.

Transporting two pups from across of the world is not an easy task. But if anyone can make this happen, it’s this organization.

Well, Luke has suffered long enough. The difference today is that he’s not waiting for a broken heart; he’s hoping for a different life, a better one. A life, which is what he deserves.