A friendly husky gently teaches the baby how to play in the lovely footage

No matter how hard you try, there is no way to find a better pair than a dog and a baby. Obviously, tiny humans and pups are best friends. Regardless of the breed or temper, the dog is extremely patient with a small baby. That’s so much love and friendship between them, and the time they spend together often has only one purpose – to melt the heart!

Naturally, when a 7-month-old baby meets the family’s Siberian Husky, the result is pretty obvious – a great time for both and a lovely video that has millions of views.

 You see, while some parents are reluctant to let their kids play or even be around a dog, the reality is quite the opposite. Dogs are a lot smarter than we think, and they are incredibly gentle and attentive around a baby. And this warm video speaks volumes.

While a child was playing on the rug in the middle of the room, a friendly Husky decided to introduce himself, and the mother’s next act is to press the record button. In short, what happened next was that we could quickly call happiness because neither the baby nor the dog can get enough.

The way this Husky sought to please his playmate is so sweet. Even when a child painfully fixed his little hands to the dog’s dense fur, the dog seemed very comfortable, and it was cautious in balancing its energy so that it wouldn’t, somehow, it hurts the baby. Soon, an invasion of hugs and kisses arrived! Is there anything sweeter than this?

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