A Golden dog took stray kittens under her wings and now they are inseparable

Among the countless dog breeds globally, the Golden Retriever has always been one of the smartest and kindest ones. If you own one or several Golden Retriever dogs, you can understand how kind they are.

These furry friends are nature’s caretakers that almost never get mad and can take good care of the one they love, even if it’s a stray kitten they picked up on the street. Well, for these wonderful creatures, the species don’t matter at all.

The adorable Golden Dog in this story is a fascinating example. She happened to see a little kitten wandering the street, starving and looking miserable, and she immediately knew she had to do something for that poor little creature.

So, without thinking, she carried the white cat because of his gruff appearance and was happy to go home, knowing that his little friend would be helped there.

And of course, the dog’s owner was surprised, but that doesn’t mean his four-legged friend’s kindness didn’t touch him. The man quickly fed the cat milk to save it from hunger, while the Golden Girl lay nearby watching the progress. She certainly cared for that kitten a lot.

Let’s take a look at the heart-melting moment:

Of course, that kind man adopted the cute cat girl, and now these two animal friends are inseparable. They are proof that friendship has no limits. They eat, sleep, and play together. The Golden Retriever carries her white kitten everywhere; she even helps out when he needs her job. She is like a new mother to that mistress. Are they adorable?

Oh my God, can these two be any sweeter? Just look how proud the dog is. She must know that she has done an excellent job and that little cat is fortunate to be destined to meet such an excellent companion as her.

See their delightful friendship here:

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