A great boy visited the shelter and adopted the oldest dog there

It was a sad day when Shey arrived at the Iowa Animal Rescue Association. At the age of 14, the old miniature poodle was moved in; his family moved and has decided to leave him behind.

He was in a bad way when the boy arrived. Like most dogs of the same age, it begins to develop hearing and vision problems. Even worse, he also suffered from many dental diseases; once he was treated, he only had one tooth left.

He was deaf, blind in one eye and almost entirely toothless, with no straight line out the door of the adopters waiting to see him.

In other words, Shey is undesirable; As we all know, old dogs and those with health complications are often the last to be adopted in shelters, and sadly they usually spend the rest of their lives there. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and Shey is still not at home.

But his luck will suddenly change the day Tristan and his mother entered the bunker in search of a friend.

Unlike typical potential adopters, Tristan and his mother didn’t have a long list of criteria when it came to the dog they were looking for; all they want is a cuddly little dog.

Described by lifeguard Jessica as ‘super sweet and always wanting to be with people, the staff knew that they have to introduce Tristan and his mother to Shey.

Although there was still little doubt about the possibility of something familiar, the staff put Shey on Tristan’s lap, and Tristan immediately consented.

Obviously, Shey was the dog for Tristan from the time, but now he just went to the bunker to determine if Tristan is suitable for Shey?

Can Tristan take on the responsibility of looking after an older dog?
So the staff sat down with Tristan and his mother and began to analyze Sheys’ medical history and special needs.

Apparently, Tristan had business intentions as he took out his phone and started inserting dates and appointments into his calendar; they were impressed with Tristan’s curiosity, understanding, and attentiveness.

With the staff at the shelter describing Tristan as’ mindful and mature ‘and’ very respectful of what Shey can and cannot handle, the decision was an easy one to make and Soon enough, Shey is going home with Tristan.

Despite the long wait, Shey finally found a home and loved it every moment; He can often be found in Tristan’s arms and cuddles very well.

Tristan was making up for four months in the shelter with a lot of hugs.

Although Shey’s been waiting for a family for months after being abandoned, Tristan is doing everything to make up for the lost time.

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