A hero dog. A rescue dog saved the life of the missing family dog after 40 hours stuck in thick mud

A search and rescue dog saved the life of a lost family dog who had been trapped in thick mud for more than 40 hours.

A dog had gone missing, and the owner’s family was desperately searching for it. Puppy is the name of the dog. It’s been missing for nearly 40 hours.

Tino was the name of the family’s second dog. The missing puppy was located thanks to this dog. Prior to this, the dog had been trained for sixteen months as a search dog.

The dog accompanied the family as they went horseback riding. The dog got lost in the woods on the way home. However, he never made it back home.

It turned out that the puppy was caught in the mud when he was found by a dog. If Tino hadn’t looked for the dog and hadn’t found it, he would have died.

Rescuers used ropes to pull the cub out of the thick mud. The dog was stuck in the mud miles from the house. Because the mud was cold, the dog’s paws didn’t work properly.

After a period of time, the dog will be fully recovered. He will be in good health and be able to enjoy life to the fullest. He overcame a great deal of stress and numerous challenges. He is a true survivor and fighter.

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