A heroic deputy saves a dog from a burning car in a distressing video

When an individual does not hesitate to save a dog, they soon become a social media hero. Deputy Michael Gregorek is the ideal example because he dropped everything to save a dog.

A man’s automobile caught fire while he was still inside with his dog, Hank. Gregorek had no idea what to anticipate when he learned he would be attending to a car fire. However, when he saw Hank was stuck in the smoke-filled automobile, he sprang into action. Gregorek is a proud dog parent, and he recognized the importance of saving the dog’s life.

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Trapped in a Burning Automobile

In Colorado, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a car fire in a neighborhood. There were a lot of questions for the police when they arrived at the scene, like where the car was parked and how the fire started.

They noticed the car was parked on the street and was filled with smoke. A man was tossing something at the back window, leading deputies to believe he may have started the fire. However, when Gregorek approached the truck, the man disclosed that he owned it but was locked inside with his dog.

Because the automobile appeared to be locked, Gregorek shattered many windows while searching for the dog. Hank glanced out of the car after the back glass was broken, and his human hurried to him. The man attempted to get the enormous dog out of the car on his own, but was unsuccessful.

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“Hank comes to the back window, he’s salivating, you can tell that he’s in distress,” Gregorek said. “[The] owner was trying to pull him out, not successfully.”

The Hero Comes to the Rescue

Gregorek intervened when the owner backed away from the vehicle. He reached inside and extracted the dog from the automobile. The dog appeared to be quite heavy, and Gregorek inhaled smoke as he pulled him up.

“My thought at that point was ‘he’s coming out with me regardless of whatever else might be happening,’” Gregorek said.

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Gregorek dragged Hank away from the automobile and laid him down in the snow. As he walked away from the dog, Gregorek coughed. The entire rescue was captured on bodycam film, and seeing it was nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, one of the neighbors was a veterinarian, and he was able to check on Hank immediately. Despite everything, he appeared to be in good health. Everyone is relieved that the puppy is safe and well, even though the cause of the fire in the car is still unknown.

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