A heroic veterinarian is walking around California to give homeless dogs free treatment

Dr. Kwane Stewart didn’t know that volunteering in his local soup kitchen will quickly become a heroic indulgence and a nearly decade-long mission to provide medical care to pets of unluc.ky people.

The Great Depression of 2007 left countless people homeless, many unable to afford health care for their pets, thus flooding California streets with loads of stray animals.

Dr. Stewart Kwane, a 49-year-old veterinarian, couldn’t just stand aside and watch this happen. With the help of his son and girlfriend, he set the table at a soup kitchen to see if any home person would care about free vet care for their pets.

Stewart treated more than 15 animals in just one day – an alarmingly high number he knew he needed to keep his training going.

“That first experience was one of the most rewarding moments for me,” Stewart told GoFundMe. “When you give back, you get something much more significant in return. I knew I want to keep doing it. ”

Image credits: The Street Vet

Since that day, Stewart has continued to do his good work. Travel around California, looking for animals in need of medical assistance, completely free of charge. The veterinarian spends his spare time walking through alleys and overpasses packed with medical supplies, treating all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Image credits: The Street Vet

In an interview with Today, Steward said he often treats flea bites, ear infections, and mild arthritis, most of which can be treated with simple vaccines.

However, more severe cases require surgery, which could be significantly higher than what Steward could afford to settle independently.

“I never wanted to turn my back on anyone,” he told GoFundMe. “The look on everyone’s faces when they bring their pets back, especially after surgery or life-saving procedures – those are the moments I will remember forever.”

To help fund these costly processes, Stewart launched GoFundMe in September 2019. “All donations will go to the care of these pets and will inevitably create the difference in the owner’s life, ”he wrote on the fundraising page. To date, Stewart has raised more than $ 115,000.

He has also partnered with an animal hospital based in Los Angeles and hopes that others will take the time to volunteer with the less fortunate animals.

He added, “Anyone can help. You can volunteer at a rescue shelter. You can donate money or time. When that generosity spreads, it will help to add positive energy to the world “.

“Giving a little can make all the difference,” the doctor wrote on his GoFundMe page.

Dr. Kwane is doing an incredible job and we hope that more veterinarians will be inspired to take action. No one has to suffer from losing a friend just because they cannot afford to see a veterinarian.

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