A kind man risked his life to save a drowning dog from a frozen pond

This is the heartwarming moment of a good Samaritan putting his life in jeopardy to save a stray dog ​​from an inevitable fate. The poor dog has a big problem after falling into an icy pond. Thankfully, this hero rushed in to get him out without thinking twice and saved the day.

Apparently, the black and white homeless puppy was running after some duck through a frozen pond, when at some point, the ice cracked and he fell into the freezing water. Panicked and very confused, the poor dog desperately tried to get out, but things were more complicated than he had expected.

The scene takes place in a Russian historical movie, and although there are many passersby, none of them can do anything to save the poor dog until a brave man rushes to rescue it.

The man with the big heart wore neither shirt nor shoes and he ran straight to the struggling dog, knelt down, and grabbed the dog. However, this was a difficult rescue because the animal seemed to be stuck in something.

Things got even worse; as soon as the man approached him, the dog got scared, didn’t know his real intentions, and even bit him. But the man, cautiously approached him and eventually grabbed him and brought him out safely.

Thanks to this brave man, the poor dog was eventually rescued, and it immediately ran away – a sign that it was unharmed. However, our hero got a small bite, but he will be fine.

Watch the dramatic rescue below!