A Man Saves A Seriously Injured Fox And Makes A New Best Friend

When the Fox Project rescued a sick and injured fox from the side of the road, no one could have guessed that the fox and a retired engineer called Mike Trowler would form such a close bond.

Cropper, the red fox, had allegedly been bitten by a dog and had also contracted toxoplasmosis, a deadly infection. He had slumped by the side of the road at Turnbridge Wells, England, due to illness and weakness. The Fox Project determined that the copper-colored fox would never be able to return to the wild and began searching for a caregiver.

It’s difficult to locate a suitable home for a wild animal, so a particular individual would be needed to care for the injured fox. A fox rehabilitator named Mike was introduced to them. He had previous expertise in caring for orphaned and injured foxes. To care for Cropper, he was the perfect guy and had a generous spirit.

He nursed Cropper back to health in his own home. They were inseparable as the fluffy fox began to feel better. They went for walks, cuddled, napped, and exchanged a lot of hugs and kisses during their time together. Cropper even enjoyed riding on Mike’s shoulders.

When Cropper arrived, he was welcomed by Mike and his other pets. While playing with the cats, they would also steal food from the dog’s bowl. He became an integral part of the family and a fluffy friend until he passed away seven years later.

After that, Mike adopted a second fox that was in need of a loving home. The duty of caring for animals should be left to those who have the skills and experience to do so. That’s why we’re so appreciative of folks like Mike who step up and take on this enormous responsibility.

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