A man spends an entire day outside in the blizzard, rescuing a dog and her frail puppies from a pipe

A homeless dog named Hera gave birth on the streets of Siberia during the harsh winter months. The poor girl realized she would have to battle to feed and keep her delicate puppies warm for days on end due to the blizzard.

She eventually discovered a cold and damp drainpipe alongside the road and decided to climb inside with her pups in order to escape the chilling weather.

However, the abandoned dog’s journey was far from ended. She was well aware that without human aid, her offspring would perish during the winter months.

Hera became more nervous when the pups were ill, darting out of the pipe whenever she heard a car pass by. All she desired was for someone to assist her in keeping her infants alive. However, according to iheartdogs, people could not be more indifferent to her condition.

Fortunately, some concerned passengers observed the helpless puppy and contacted a member of the Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter. Thus, one day, a guy named Milan ventured into the raging highways in search of Hera.

Despite the fact that the majority of the pipes in the vicinity had been covered in snow as a result of the ongoing blizzard, Milan was able to locate the mother and her pups using her paw prints.

Hera can be seen running out of the pipe in a sweet video after hearing Milan’s footsteps approaching her temporary house. While the man was overjoyed to see Hera, he was devastated to see her 4-week-old puppies damp and shivering in the pipe.

However, removing the pups from the unsettling boarding proved to be a challenging chore, as they were unaccustomed to humans, unlike their mother.

They refused to budge despite Milan’s assurances, and Milan knew he needed to get them out soon before it was dark. He was aware that this would be a lengthy rescue, yet despite this, he never turned his back on the terrified puppies. Despite the worsening weather, he stood by the road until the pups emerged.

At first, he let Hera into the pipe in the hope that her puppies would follow him, but that didn’t work. Then, he spent some food in the hope of attracting them, but ended up getting the position with a tool. With patience and care, Milan was finally able to reunite the babies with their mother, who couldn’t have been more grateful for his help.

Watch the amazing rescue video here.