A puppy abandoned outside the supermarket cannot hide her happiness when someone comes to bring it home

It’s heartbreaking to think of cats and dogs abandoned by their loved ones. Fortunately, many people and rescuers are willing to help them and find them a permanent home or a good shelter.

Recently, animal lovers worldwide exploded into extreme joy after watching the video of the abandoned puppy being saved and given a chance to live a second time. The video was shared by Takis Shelter, a Greek non-profit animal rescue organization.

You can see a white puppy sitting in a bare cardboard box outside a supermarket in the video. The shelter said someone had left this poor puppy here, hoping that the shopper would help the puppy and even adopted it. Sadly, people passed by without concern for her.

The shelter explains that there are many animals abandoned on the streets of Greece, so people are used to seeing them and hearing their cries. Not surprisingly, they often passed by these pitiful animals and didn’t even glance at them a second time.

Thankfully, Takis, the founder of Takis Shelter, came to help the puppy. He brought the tiny puppy home and named her Maisie. Despite being neglected, she is very friendly and sweet. She was happy to make new friends at the shelter and play with them, especially a dog named Ozzy.

Even though her life is happy at the shelter, she still needs someone to take care of her. It took less time than Takis thought for Maisie to find her home forever. A lovely couple living on a farm on Crete island adopted her. In her new home, she has many siblings.

Thanks to Takis Shelter and the loving couple for saving and adopting the puppy. We are delighted to know that Maisie currently has the happy life she deserves. She would never cry alone again, like when she was left out of the supermarket.

Watch the video below: