A rescued kangaroo insists on daily couch cuddles with his father

Most people would gladly spend some time relaxing on their favorite sofa while watching their favorite show on television. The problem comes when it’s your daily routine. That’s how this sluggish kangaroo spends his time, at least. Meet Rufus. The world’s most spoilt joey has arrived.


Rufus’ life, now that he’s four years old, wasn’t always like this. The kangaroo’s journey began at the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia, when he was rescued at the age of eight months. Fortunately, the sanctuary’s owners, Kym Haywood and her husband Neil, provided him with all the love and support he could have asked for. Both Kym and Neil, the rescuers, and Rufus, the kangaroo they saved, were quite close, so they decided to keep him in their home. The couch has now become his personal fiefdom, and it’s hilarious.


Rufus enjoys curling up with his father on the sofa and snoozing. Nevertheless, both Neil and Kym quickly recognized that the sofa might not be large enough to accommodate everyone. Rufus, on the other hand, would rather have it all for himself and his father at times. Because he requests Neil for belly rubs from time to time, and Neil happily obliges.


“When he started doing it, we thought it was the nicest thing ever and we could see that Rufus was really different to the others and how much he liked the couch and how safe he felt there,” Kym stated. “He drifts into the deepest sleep since he knows he is extremely safe there and doesn’t mind watching a bit of TV, as well.”

Even though there isn’t any more room on the couch for the Haywoods, they aren’t complaining. The most essential thing to them is that Rufus is content and contented!

It’s bedtime for Rufus, and his reaction is priceless!

‘We basically just go along with what makes him happy,’ Rufus’ mom added. We’ve noticed that when he’s feeling very irritable, he’ll gently push us away from his seat.


As much as they care for Rufus, these lovely people also care for other animals in need. They currently have 28 rescued kangaroos, two wombats, and two wallaroos in their care at the sanctuary they founded. “I’ve always been an animal lover, and now that I have the refuge, I know what my purpose in life is,” Kym boasted.

Rufus has an Instagram account, so you can keep up with him there.