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A touching and kind moment as a selfless, loving dog comforts a sick baby deer found on his human’s ranch

The ability to assist those in need is characteristic of man’s greatest pals, dogs. These compassionate and sympathetic hearts are always willing to assist and console the poor creatures they encounter.

Meet Zoey, a compassionate dog who just consoled an injured baby deer discovered on his owner’s property.

Pat Pollifrone is Zoey’s owner. He saw his dog sitting alongside a fawn on his farm.

The dog refused to leave the helpless small deer’s side till assistance arrived. The musician released the deer into the wild, but the following morning, he saw the fawn laying in the driveway once more.

Pat had to consider the possibility that the newborn deer was in distress, and she sought assistance. Indeed, he was correct. The small creature was ill; her eyes were infected.

Pat gave her the name Bambi and began caring for her. The lovely fawn was fed goat milk. Her eye infection appeared to be significantly improved after Pat extracted some ticks.

His dog, Zoey, was constantly around Bambi; he befriended her from the moment he met her. Every day, the small deer wandered about Pat’s yard, and her fuzzy buddy accompanied her everywhere.

He was extremely nice and caring with her, always caressing and licking her. Their amazing bond was truly remarkable and wonderful.

The musician requested assistance from several rescue centers and shelters, but was turned away for a variety of reasons. Pat was left with no choice but to assist the sick deer in regaining her footing.

Soon, she was feeling much better, her eyes appeared to be healthy, and the ticks vanished. After a lengthy search, Bambi was ready for adoption, and Pat found her the perfect home.

It was a goat farm, the perfect setting for Bambi to live a tranquil and pleasant life.

Here’s a video of Zoey snuggling the newborn deer: