A senior dog was rescued after living for nearly a decade under a container

Living alone without a home is something you cannot imagine if you are not directly experiencing it. You don’t know how terrible it is and how you can last for days, let alone for years.

The old dog in this story has a past that can not help you hurt. She had lived under a shipping container for nine years and spent each day alone, lacking everything. It was not until she was rescued by Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization that her life began to turn over.

They recently received a call for help from a woman who said that she saw a dog in a scrapyard while doing TNR work in the area. The team arrived at the scene and found the dog lying under a container.

She is an old dog and has lived homeless for nine years. Everyone told them that her master had been banished, and the poor dog was left behind, struggling miserably in this terrible living condition.

Sometimes, people nearby tried to help her by giving her some food. But needless to say, everyone knew that was not enough for her. In addition to a lonely life, the unhappy dog also suffers from pain. One day, she was hit by a truck and was not taken to the hospital for treatment. So she lost her right eye forever.

The team took some time to be kind to her, and in the end, they earned her trust. They slowly brought her from under the container, then named her Josephine. Her nickname is Pheenie.

She does not seem afraid of strangers, letting them pamper her. It had been a long time since she had received such affection.

Realizing that she was not in good condition, the team decided to take her to the vet for proper care. They bathed her (first bath in years), then checked her health. Accordingly, she has some medical problems and needs some treatment. But she is safe and has a warm place to rest right now.

After such a dark life, Pheenie found her light. Hope For Paw’s friends at An Animal Rescue gave her a new life filled with love. Pheenie enjoyed both the warm sunlight and the cold white snow. She has a few friends and often hangs out with them. It was like she had lived a completely different life. She was loved again, and she deserved it.

Five months after being rescued, Pheenie lay by the fireplace and took her last breath in peace.

The last months she has a lovely home will be her best memories.

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