A starving cougar finds her way to a wildlife rehab center just in time to be saved

Normally, wild animals avoid encounters with humans. However, in this case, the cougar sought assistance from passing humans and was saved! Fortunately, the animal’s instincts led her to a wildlife rehabilitation center just before she was about to starve to death.

Two weeks ago, volunteers at the Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, Texas, were stunned to discover that a wild coyote had wandered onto their land. However, it was only when they got closer that they realized the wild cat was in serious trouble. Things began to look good in her life. Only a miracle could have kept her alive.

Sara Penhallegon, the recovery center’s director, stated, “She checked herself into rehabilitation, which is a first for us. “We all believed she was going to die when we saw her state.”

These compassionate and devoted humans saved the animal’s life. Although Sara and her coworkers had to work really hard to save the little cougar, they did. Since her life was hanging by a thread, the gorgeous kitty has been on the road to recovery.

‘And so,’ Sara remarked, ‘this lovely den’. “And I believe it died thereā€¦ Because of this, we found it just in time and began the process of restoration.”

She is too young to be put back into the wild, so her rehabilitation will continue. The animal was most likely orphaned when her mother died, which left her extremely exposed. Sara explained that she hadn’t yet learnt how to hunt. When she couldn’t care for herself, she was fortunate to find a rehabilitation center that she could check herself into.