A stolen dog chooses his true owner, helping the judge decide in seconds

Judge Judy is known to be a no-nonsense type of judge. If you’ve watched her show, you’ll see her frank talking style with many different circumstances. But there was one case that perhaps stood out for dog owners because it represents the strong bond between a dog and its owner. Without Judge Judy, it would be impossible to know who this dog really belongs to.

A man and a woman were arguing over who the adorable little white dog belonged to in the court case. The man claimed that his dog, Baby Boy, was in fact the woman’s dog. The context of the case was that Baby Boy ran away from home for a day and was not found.

The woman, who was the defendant, later bought the dog for $50 as a gift for her mother. Plaintiff wanted his dog back and has photos to prove that the dog is indeed his missing son.

The defendant was adamant that the man was mistaken and that her dog was a completely different dog. She brought papers from her vet stating the dog was indeed five years old and a mixed breed.

Judge Judy didn’t seem to care about veterinary paperwork. She wanted to see the dog’s reaction when it was brought into the courtroom. That’s when she ordered the defendant’s friend to bring in the dog in question.

The question of who the rightful owner is is about to be resolved. As soon as the little white dog was carried into the room, he spotted the plaintiff, and his tail began to wag.

Every dog ​​owner who watched the video knew what was coming next. As soon as Judge Judy ordered the dog to be placed on the floor, the small dog caught up with the plaintiff. No more surprises about who the real owner is. Plaintiff nearly broke down in tears as he shouted “Baby Boy” and held the small dog in his arms.

It was probably one of Judge Judy’s more heartwarming moments.

Watch the video below: