A Stray Cat Comes Back to Find Her Kittens Who Were Taken to the Shelter

Without a mother, these four kittens were sent to a shelter. However, the mother cat returned to search for her cubs.

This week, Wrenn Rescues’ co-founder, Ali Smith, was approached about four 10-day-old kittens in need of rescue. Shelter workers in Downey, California were desperate to help them.

Alissa explained to Love Meow that “there were only 15 minutes left, and no one else could take them, but happily, the networking group rescued them safely, and a beautiful woman named CJ took them all the way to Ventura County, California, to us.”

The kittens and their mother were discovered in someone’s yard, but the cat mother immediately escaped and fled.

Ashley, a foster volunteer, began nighttime bottle feedings immediately. Jenifer Hurt, the rescue’s co-founder, took over bottle chores during the day.

Wrenn Rescues

“The kittens were clearly well cared for by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens arrive at the shelter, they seldom see their mother again “Alissa explained. “Another compelling argument to leave kittens where they are found (and await the mother), rather of bringing them to a shelter.”

Ashley and Jenifer were fully prepared to hand-raise the kittens until they were weaned, but something extraordinary occurred.

Kittens who are unable to control their body temperature are placed in an incubator. Wrenn Rescues

Residents who dropped off the kittens returned home to discover the cat mother outside searching for her babies. Ashley told Love Meow, “They were able to apprehend her and bring her in.”

The following day, the mama cat was reunited with her kittens in her foster home.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

After the event, she was very shy and refused to come out of the carrier until Ashley brought a baby next to her.

“She clearly calmed down when I held a baby up to her. We used it to lure her out of the carrier “Ashley stated. “She walked immediately over to her kittens and snuggled up in the middle of them, purring. They all rushed straight to her and began nursing.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

The adorable mama was in ecstasy, purring and stroking her paws in unison as she fed her hungry young babies.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever seen anything quite like it,” Alissa told Love Meow. “It’s unfathomable that such a miracle occurred. To say the reunion was a success would be an understatement.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

Ashley awoke the following morning to a loving cat mom snuggling up to her and purring merrily.

Mama and her kittens are shown in this endearing video:

H/T: Love Meow