A talkative Husky is pointing out why she does not need a bath

Cats aren’t the only animals that dislike water; many dogs hate bathing as well. But as responsible owners, we sometimes still have to force them into the bathtub for the sake of these stubborn creatures since most of them have a desire to roll around everywhere.

However, of course, the process doesn’t always go well.

Meeting Meeka, a talkative husky dog, often has countless reasons to refuse to bathe. Example: she’s not smelly, but her dad is the one who stinks; she just showered yesterday, tomorrow seems like a better day to soak in water, or she’s in no mood for one thing so stupid.

And when Meeka runs out of excuses, she just says no. Seriously, can this girl be even more adorable?

Let’s see how far this interesting dog can go to get rid of this annoyance:
Even when the video ended really quickly, we could still guess where the footage was headed.

Of course, the lazy girl then has to shower with the help of her mom and dad. But even though she doesn’t win the argument, Meeka is sure to win our hearts!

If you have similar problems with your dogs, do not worry, as that is quite normal. They are not the first and will not be the last to dislike bathing.

Just remember to calm their nerves and patiently; everything will be alright. There are no standards that apply to every dog, but you should bathe them at least every three months and up to once a week.

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Watch the video below: