A Wildlife Keeper Helps Bears To Sleep By Taking Naps With Them

This is a true story about a wildlife keeper who took it upon himself to help bears sleep. This can be seen as an act of devotion or extreme dedication but either way, it’s definitely admirable!

Some people love wild animals, even ones that are 1,500 pounds. This wildlife keeper is willing to do anything to make the bears he cares for feel comfortable. This might include taking naps next to them.

Jim Kowalczik is a protector of wildlife. He helped the animals he encountered and cared for them especially bears, if they were orphans in need.

Jim founded The Orphaned Wildlife Center with his wife Susan to provide rehabilitation services for wild animal victims all around New York state who have been hurt by humans or nature’s harshness.

The couple looks after many bears. They’ve helpedmany bears for since 1990.

However, Jim doesn’t possess a relationship with another animal that lives here like he does with his four favorite bears: two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears.

The four showed up at the center around ten years ago.

Jim has such a strong bond with his bears that he even sleeps with them in order to make them feel at ease. This generous individual can be seen sleeping next to four enormous pals in a series of endearing photographs.

Jim and his bears are only resting together, yet they have a lot of enjoyable activities. One that everyone seems to enjoy is playing in the snow. Watch video below:

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