Abandoned Cat In McDonald’s Parking Lot Hops Into Exactly The Right Car

Alex da Ponte had just pulled up to the McDonald’s drive-through with her son when she saw a little orange cat trying to jump into people’s cars. She saw that the cat was wearing a collar, so she kept an eye on her for a while to see if she belonged to someone nearby. However, it didn’t take her long to figure out that the cat was on her own.


“I pulled out of the drive-through line and into a parking space,” da Ponte told The Dodo. “From where I was parked, I saw two other families try to avoid the cat as they went back to their cars… I decided to get her after that. No one else was helping her, even though she was obviously in need. She wanted to get in a car so badly.”

When Da Ponte called to the cat, she came running over right away. She could tell that this was the family she had been looking for.

“She was anxious to leave that parking lot,” said da Ponte.

Once everyone was safe in the car, da Ponte’s son came up with the name Seats for the cat. The little cat wasn’t scared at all, and she quickly made herself at home in the car, cuddling with da Ponte’s son, looking out the window, and exploring her new surroundings.

Da Ponte said, “She was completely at ease in the car.”


She felt so good that when the food came, she even took a french fry. Within minutes, da Ponte and her son were completely in love with Seats the McDonald’s cat.

Once they got back home, da Ponte made sure Seats was comfortable and started looking for a foster home for her. Their neighbors stepped up to take her, and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with her, too.


“They failed miserably as foster parents and have now taken her in,” da Ponte said. “So now Seats lives next door to us!”

When da Ponte first saw Seats, she knew she needed help, and now that she looks back, she’s so glad she stopped to let her into her car.