Adopted Pit Bull Helps to Save Young Boy’s Life After Discovering Him in the Bathtub.

Pit bulls are a breed of dog that face a hard time and have developed a bad reputation. But in reality, anyone who has ever owned a pit bull as a family pet will tell you just how loving and intuitive, they are.

They’re not inherently dangerous. In fact, their aggression comes from a lack of training and the violent conditions in which they’ve been raised. As this wonderful story shows, pit bulls are also able to sniff out danger, and understand when their owners might need their rescue.

Ember, a female pit bull mix, was initially found abandoned on the street. She was taken in by Adore-A-Bull Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio, before she found her forever home. She was willingly taken in by the Daniels family who were attracted to her good looks and her affable nature.

This was great news for Ember, as she was constantly overlooked because of her breed, and people thought she posed a danger, particularly to young children. However, after just a couple of weeks in the Daniels family home, it was clear that she was a wonderful dog that was so grateful for receiving a second chance in life.

The Daniels family adopted Ember because their beloved family pet, Derby, had sadly passed away and they missed having him around. She formed a particularly close bond with Tre Daniels and would soon save his life.

Almost a year after being welcomed into the family home, Ember helped to save Tre’s life when he collapsed after having a seizure. Ember walked into the bathroom only to find Tre unconscious in the bathtub. She immediately alerted the rest of the family to the danger, and they sought medical help right away.

In an interview with Local 12, Tre’s mother said:

“We were sleeping and she just sat down next to the bed and she was doing this really low grumble. It wasn’t even a growl, it was just this odd grumble.”

Tracy, Tre’s mother, thought that Ember needed the toilet, so she got up to let her out. However, she immediately ran into the kids’ bathroom and that’s when Tracy saw Tre’s legs hanging out the side of the bath. She recalls:

“I saw Tre’s legs just hanging over the side of the tub there. And as I looked into the tub, half of his body was out and the other half was in the tub and his head was fully extended back.”

Thanks to Ember alerting the family, Tre was rushed to hospital and received the urgent medical care he required. Fortunately, he is now in good health and everything turned out okay.

Ember’s story just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Pit bulls are too often given a bad reputation, but in reality they’re caring, loving dogs who will do anything for their owners. What a wonderful story, great job Ember!