Adopting a tiny stray puppy raised by a cat in a cat’s colony

A woman brings food to the cats who live there every day in a certain corner of the city park. There are almost a hundred cats, but not all of them are feral cats.

Some are abandoned because owners know someone will come to feed them. The woman bringing food for them is a staff of the Love Furry Friends Rescue Team.

There are many cats, and they breed so quickly that the Rescue Team couldn’t bring them back to the shelter. Furthermore, the rescuers tried to sterilize as many cats as possible. Sometimes the cats are noticed by park walkers and given something to eat. With luck, some animal lovers will adopt them.

Cats of all sizes run out immediately when they hear rescuers’ footsteps. That day, welcoming them not only a cat, jumped out from a wooden box a small dog.

He is trying to find a way to reach the food tray. He was so small that it struggled to climb over the dry branches that covered the earth. In the end, he got some good food.

Rescuers attempted to lift him to check his condition. She checked around, searching in the wooden box where he appeared but found no sign of his mother or other dogs. It looks like he’s been left out here. He was so hungry that he could only plug his head into his food.

The boy was quickly taken to the veterinary clinic for a general health check. The dog showed no fear of people and was very obedient. They call him Zhorik – a friendly friend. At the clinic, Zhorik has been carefully examined to prevent parasites from attaching to the body.

In addition, he was vaccinated against the disease. The boy weighs less than 1kilogram but is very active and loves to play.

Zhorik was quickly acquainted with the new environment. His favorite activity is bathing. It is very comfortable and does not fear water like other dogs. Here, he has his own little cardboard house, favorite toy, and friends with other dogs.

Soon after, an animal-loving family agreed to bring Zhorik home with them. And Zhorik finally has a new family who will treat him well with love and care.

Rescue animals offer a chance to live in loving homes. But above all, we hope that cold people will no longer abandon the animals.

If you want to know more about Zhorik’s story, let watch the video below:

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