Adorable ‘Best Dog’ At Wedding Decides He’d Rather Swim Instead

On the one hand, it was the big day for Jax’s parents, a day they had likely methodically planned for months.

Alternatively — WAIT, IS THAT A POND?!?!

This week, wedding photographer Alex Simon revealed amusing footage from a recent ceremony in which the couple’s gorgeous puppy, Jax, played the role of “best dog.”

The water-loving dog obviously had different plans, despite the fact that ideally a person in that position would assist keep things moving smoothly.

During a photoshoot with the other guys, Jax observed that an ideal swimming location was directly behind them. And he simply could not pass it up.

@alexsimonproductions Jax wasn’t feeling pictures so he decided on swimming instead 😂 #fyp #foryou #weddingtiktok #weddingvideo #weddingday #weddingdog #dogsofttiktok ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Despite Jax’s lack of decorum in taking an unscheduled swim, the actual wedding ceremony appeared to have proceeded without incident.

In other words, besides the “hitch” everyone was there for.

Sure, the picture shoot had to be temporarily halted while Jax splashed around in the pond, but for photographer Alex Simon, that only made the couple’s wedding day more special:

“We all thought it was hilarious,” Simon told The Dodo. He simply had to locate his opportunity and seize it!