Adorable Border Collie puppies discovered life on the farm and learned to herd

The border collie is known to be the most intelligent breed at this job, and their ability to help people is always unique. However, not every collie is born a genius. They all have to learn, and the learning process usually begins when they are just a few weeks old.

Meet Bling and Rain, a sweet border collie couple who works hard on a farm every day to share the burden on their owners’ shoulders. Both are excellent herders, so it’s no surprise that they want their children to follow in their footsteps as future farm leaders.

Bling and Rain have six puppies together, two males and four females. The six dogs got their first taste of farm life when they were just five weeks old—as potential herding dogs, watching Rain’s dad in action will be an excellent lesson for them to implement on their own as they mature. And in the presence of his kids, of course Rain did a fantastic job.

That day, Rain also introduced the little dogs to the lonely black lamb Lulu hoping that she would help his children when they needed a companion. Lulu was also an outcast from her colony. No one wanted to be her friend because of her outlandish looks, so the bubbly girl just can’t contain her excitement when she meets these six pups who look a bit like her.

A week later, the proud puppies officially began their first mission when their father Rain led them to the first flock they were about to herd: chickens. Their mission failed miserably even with Rain’s father watching the whole time, but luckily, Lulu was there to save their day.

It is not until the litter is 8 weeks old that they were strong enough to explore the farm independently. And with the help of their close friend Lulu, their journey was mesmerizing!

Let’s take a look at the sweet farm life of these puppies: