Adorable footage shows a baby monkey caring for baby ducks like they’re his family

It’s always endearing to observe infant animals interact, particularly when they’re of different species. This time, a young monkey and his five duckling companions are stealing hearts everywhere. These unlikely friends were recently captured on camera spending time together, and it is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!

A month after it was shot, the eight-minute precious clip has already racked up 45 million views. However, it doesn’t take long for someone to fall head over heels for it. You can’t help but smile and light up inside when you see a newborn monkey treating five baby ducklings like his little brothers.

It is unclear how the ducklings and their pal came to be together, but the bond that they have is undeniably strong. While the baby ducks cling to the monkey as if he were their mother, the baby monkey is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to cuddle his even smaller companions.

However, after a while of chasing each other around, everyone became hungry. As a result, they eat their meals together as well. While the adorable ducklings are busy preparing some boiled rice, the baby monkey is busy consuming his nutritious bottle of milk. You may expect them to sleep after such a heavy meal, but they don’t. Instead, they continue to play.

While the ducklings continue to follow their monkey companions wherever they go, things become a little more tricky when they climb a three. Even he becomes perplexed at times as to why his fluffy companions are not behind him, until he notices them at the bottom of the three.

It’s delightful to see these adorable little guys play together all day long. Take a look down here!