Adorable moment a polar bear mom plays with her cub in the snow for the first time

The first time a polar bear mother and her child frolic in the snow is a beautiful scene. The two emerged from the cave into the snow after spending the previous months within. Their wonderful, enjoyable moment was captured on film.

One of Russia’s largest zoos, the Novosibirsk Zoo, is home to a number of beautiful animals. After becoming a mother for the second time, Gerda and her adorable child experience snow for the first time together. While the patient mother had endured several winters, this was the first winter for the cub. Obviously, it loves the snow!

Throughout the first few months following birth, polar bear cubs are fully dependent on their moms. The mother and cubs do not leave the cave again until the cubs are strong enough. In this case, the cub is a few months old, so he and his mother were able to enjoy some fresh air.

Although the cub is robust enough to play in the snow, he must remain with his mother for a few more months. The father of the cub, Kay, was not permitted to approach the mother or the youngster. Despite the fact that his behaviors are highly unpredictable, the crew is not in danger.

The curious cub, first fearful of witnessing too much snow, rapidly proceeded to investigate its surroundings. Obviously under the watch of its mother!