Adorable moment of a rainbow lorikeet kisses a rescued koala

Two unlikely companions share a tender moment at an Australian wildlife sanctuary in a stunning display of love. The touching moment was captured on camera. In a series of photos taken at Mosswood Wildlife Sanctuary in southwest Victoria, a colorful parrot approaches a koala with the intention of stealing his kiss.

The rainbow lorikeet may have a crush on its cute koala friend, but he turned out he’s pretty hard to get. The friendly bird did its job in the end, but the marsupial, named Luther, didn’t seem too impressed as he licked his nose after the lorikeet pecked it.

“The rainbow lorikeet was all about love today,” Mosswood Wildlife describes the moment. “Not sure if Luther liked it!”


Both the koala and the lorikeet have been rescued and returned to the sanctuary. Now 2-years-old, Luther lost his mother in an accident when he was almost a year old.

Thankfully, he was rescued, and now he enjoys his life at Mosswood Wildlife surrounded by lots of love (seemingly from everyone). Regarding the lorikeet, he was found by some passersby in the city lying on the ground and unable to fly. He was also taken to the reserve, where he has been living for several months now.

Although the Mosswood reserve is home to several species, the colorful lorikeet adores Luther so much.

Mosswood Sanctuary director Tracey Wilson said: ‘Volunteer was feeding koalas and lorikeets are great creatures out there, so they decided to talk to the koala. “The little lorikeet was raised from a tiny bird. He was the third one of this particular series, and we’ve never had baby lorikeets before.”