Adorable trio of black-spotted horse, pony and dog look like siblings

A horse, pony, and dog form an intriguing trio that is mesmerizing in its beauty and remarkable likeness.

Different in type and size, they appear to be the same.

Although they have different personalities, they enjoy spending time together as members of the Greetje Arends-Hakvoort family.

A stallion named Appaloosa, a Shetland pony, and a Dalmatian dog are part of Greetje’s stable of horses. Awe-inspiringly, they all appear exactly the same.

Three animals playing together is not uncommon.

This trainer enjoys going for walks with the animal company with her daughter Jolie, who is seven years old. This pony is a favorite of Jolie’s.

The Nevada stallion is ten years old, the Nepoleon pony is six, and Jack Sparrow, a Dalmatian who is just two years old, is the youngest of the group.

Their trainer commented that she had always wanted a spotted Dalmatian dog and that she loved spotted horses, so it appears that her wishes have come true in an amazing and extremely fascinating way.

Everyone’s face lights up when they see these three. Greetje believes that people associate them with the film 101 Dalmatians, which brings back memories from their childhood.

The two friends, Jolie and Napoleon, are of the same age. Having known each other since they were babies, they have become inseparable.

According to the trainer, Jack was raised to think of himself as a horse, and that’s why he’s so adaptable. They can’t thrive until they have self-assurance and a feeling of security. They need confidence, and they won’t have it without it. For that, we can thank Jack.

As Greetje points out, there is a great deal of affection shared among the various species in this community. As the family grows, there are more and more locations to choose from. When we talk about these lovely horses, she adds that she has three others to train as well, because it is her true passion.