Adorable video shows bald eagle, wild fox and cats hanging out on a porch in Alaska

When it comes to extremely strange friendships, the animal kingdom never fails to astound us. Nothing appears to be excessive in the realm of wildlife. Thus, despite the beautiful footage below, this Alaskan woman seemed too unbelievable to believe, gazing upon the most extraordinary sight. On her back porch, a bald eagle, a fox, and her two cats were ganging up on her.

Youtube/ pla1554alaska

Unalaska, Alaska, is home to both eagle and fox populations, but seeing them relaxing with your pets on the doorstep seems a little over the top. However, such was the kind of scene Pam Aus, and not just once, encountered. In spite of Gizmo and Suitcase, Pam’s cats became friends with wild foxes, and then the majestic bald eagle surprised her.

Youtube/ pla1554alaska

Pam, who was inside her house on a snowy afternoon, stepped out to investigate some noises coming from the back porch. She was surprised to see her two cats, but not alone. As it turned out, they had some unexpected guests.

“I heard an eagle squawk while on my computer in my room,” Pam told The Huffington Post. This was what I observed as I opened my windows. “The foxes and eagles are both known to be friendly. But it was thrilling to see all three together. Everyone sat down and did nothing.

Youtube/ pla1554alaska

After they first met Pam’s cats, the strange visitors kept dropping by, and the woman began filming their touching encounters and sharing them on YouTube. In one of her films, one can witness not one, but two eagles visiting her cats. However, given the area’s reputation for having a large eagle population, this is to be expected. Even though there are only about 5,000 people in Unalaska, the small harbor is home to approximately 600 bald eagles.

In Pam’s words, “the eagle couple took over a lamppost across the street.” They’re going to come over and take a seat on my porch. Or they’ll simply sit and observe my kittens. “