After being adopted by the firefighter who saved her, a depressed Pitbull puppy at a shelter finds happiness.

It’s so heart-warming to read about stories where humans do everything they can to give dogs another chance in life. And this is exactly the case between firefighter Mike Thawley and pitbull puppy Chunkie.

Despite being happy and safe today, Chunkie is not the same dog she was in October of last year. After being seen by Sacramento firefighters on their way to a call, the 3-month-old Pitbull was rescued after being abandoned by her previous owners.

She’d been left out in the rain, tethered to a log. She had been apparently left to die by her callous previous owners. They were horrified by what they saw and couldn’t imagine abandoning her in such a state. As a result, Mike Thawley and his crew returned her to the firehouse and vowed to give her a chance at a better life.

At the time of her rescue, the poor little puppy had no friends in the world – until one day, everything changed. When they returned, she was bathed and kept clean, and the fire crew agreed that the safest thing for Chunkie would be to take her to a shelter where she could be appropriately cared for and rehoused.

Given the busy work schedule that firefighters face, it’s no surprise that they couldn’t offer Chuckie the round-the-clock care she needed to return to a normal life. Before taking her to the Front Street Animal Shelter for safekeeping, Thawley dried her off and showed her some love. His generosity, on the other hand, didn’t stop there.

Even though she was in the best of hands at the shelter, Thawley couldn’t stop worrying about Chunkie, and the next day he paid her a visit. He wanted to reassure the depressed puppy that she wasn’t alone in the world and that he was always thinking about her. His affection was something that Chuckie had never experienced before, and it seemed to mean the world to her.

Despite how depressed she was at being abandoned, Chunkie remembered and even greeted Thawley with excitement, and she was trailing him around the shelter, wagging her tail. From this meeting, it was clear to everyone that the two of them had grown close at the shelter. So the next time Thawley came to see her, he brought his wife and kids with him so they could see her in person.

Thawley fell in love with Chunkie as well, and they wanted to take him home with them. Chunkie completed her course of treatment and was able to return home with Thawley after a four-month wait.

Thanks to the kindness of one firefighter and his persistence to ensure that Chunkie wasn’t left out in the cold to die, the pitbull now has a beautiful forever home in which she receives the affection and care of a loving family.

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