After Spending His Entire Life On A Chain, Biscuit Was Shown An Empty Field

Biscuit is here for you. A Siberian Husky who has spent his entire life on a chain. His life narrative is told here!

Amy Hines, a staff member with the amazing nonprofit Dogs Deserve Better, spotted eight dogs while in Kentucky. She simply felt she couldn’t leave them outside without shelter and wanted to take action immediately.

It became clear to Amy that she had to take action, so she chose to halt her truck and save one of the victims. However, she decided to go all the way and speak with the owner of the property and save all eight of these canines.

Their Good News Rehab Center in Virginia received her first rescue, Biscuit.

These dogs had been chained up for some time. Fortunately, they are now in a place of safety, freedom, and affection. If you’re in the mood for a joyful ending, check out the video below.

Spectacular footage captures Biscuit’s first run as an independent dog! We’re all in good spirits.