After Years In A lab Cage, A Beagle Finally Has A Family

Echo, the lovely beagle, had a horrible beginning to life. A kennel-like environment was her home for the six years she spent in China, where she was subjected to medical testing for an eye product that ultimately left her blind and in excruciating pain.

Even though she had a bad start in life, Echo was fortunate enough that it would not be the end of her story. In addition to her, The Beagle Freedom Project was able to save the lives of an additional 25 beagles. When rescuers intervened, they saved the abused canines and transferred them to the United States, where they were prepped for adoption.

When Echo arrived in the United States, she was afraid and didn’t want to get out of her container. As a result of her loving foster mother’s efforts, she was able to find a permanent home for the girl. Echo, who was blind and had spent her entire existence in a laboratory, was terrified of nearly everything. A human touch had never occurred to her, and she hadn’t even gone outside before this point in her life.

Echo’s new foster home introduced her to GiGi, a pushy little dog. It didn’t take long for GiGi to realize that she wanted some space and time of her own. Her foster mother took her on her first walk soon after, which left her befuddled and terrified. Echo’s foster mother’s heart ached for her, so she did everything she could to console her. Echo let her wrap her in a cloth and hold her two days later. This was one of the initial stages in assisting Echo in breaking free from her shell.

After arriving at her new foster home, she endured an exceedingly painful procedure to remove one of her eyes. She felt considerably better and was getting better every day after surgery. She began to show off her quirky side and gain more self-confidence. Surprisingly, she was ready to make the transfer to her forever home in no time at all!

In a perfect world, the right family came forward to take in Echo, and she was a natural fit. Among the household’s other residents were the regal cat Crystal and two more canines: the feisty Mia and the mushy Mango. Because it was Echo’s first time being a part of a pack, she was overjoyed. She enjoyed hopping and dancing around the house with the other animals.

On the trail and at the beach, she swiftly learned how to follow her pack on grass. She even got to meet her first turkey! Echo’s life had taken a turn for the better, and she had no idea it was going to get even better.

Her dog’s mother and father were expecting a child, and a beautiful infant was born soon after. Echo adored the baby and, despite her blindness, she adored mothering her and showering her with love and kisses. Echo’s life had definitely come full circle, and she was fortunate to have a great family that lavished her with everything she needed to flourish.

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