Alaskan Man Feeds The Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles In Viral Video

The majestic bald eagle is one of America’s greatest symbols. You can’t see it often to find it.

But in Unalaska, Alaska, there are lots of bald eagles – about 600. Though The city has less than 5,000 people and the eagles live there too.

Dutch Harbor is the biggest fishing place in the area. It’s also possible that it’s the biggest place in the world. That means lots of bald eagles come here to catch food.

Fishermen always leave something behind for the massive birds.

A guy filmed a video of an eagle feeding. He put it on the internet and then people watched it.

A man named Jesse Peck put some shrimp in a bowl and tried to share it with the bald eagles he saw on the deck. But before he could, more and more bald eagles came. It was an impressive sight for any bird lover.

Just like in a feeding frenzy, Peck’s bowl was quickly eaten by the many eagles. At one point, the man threw some pieces in the air and they were quickly eaten by all of them.

Peck grabbed his camera that day to show that there were more eagles. The video went viral with over eight million views! “Just another day in Alaska,” is how Peck captioned it.

You can watch the incredible moment, below: