Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Can’t Believe What Mom Just Did To His 13th Birthday Cake

Amanda Seyfried initially met Finn on the set of “Big Love,” where he was being fostered, and she fell in love with him almost instantly. Since then, she has been completely fascinated with him, stating in an interview, “I’m so in love with him that I can’t stand being apart from him… I have no memory of my life before him.”

The actress’s life depends entirely around her affection for Finn, so when he just turned 13, she knew she had to go all out to honor her closest buddy.

In addition to a memorial post on her Instagram, in which she uploaded several adorable images of herself and Finn, as well as photos of Finn being lovely and silly in general, she chose to honor Finn by purchasing him a massive, lifelike cake modeled after him.


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The cake was indeed a sight to behold. Finn couldn’t believe his eyes, especially when his mother slashed it open.

Finn observed, rather perplexed, as Seyfried sliced a large piece off the cake. Probably, he was wondering why his mother had just damaged a flawless statue of his gorgeous face. A fair question, really.


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Overall, it appears like Finn had a wonderful birthday due to Seyfried and her devotion with her furry best buddy.

You can follow Finn on TikTok and Instagram