Amazing Photo Of Tiger Walking With Her Cubs Highlights India’s Growing Tiger Population

A gorgeous and very moving photograph has been shared on social media to show the increasing number of wild tigers in India.

This is excellent news, particularly following years of deterioration.

There is a picture of a tigress traveling with her kids that helps paint a positive picture of the area’s tiger population.

The photograph was taken at Dudhwa National Park and uploaded on social media by Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service conservationist. The caption read as follows:

“This is magical picture. Count the #cubs with #tigress. I know for a reason how few people will be elated after seeing this. Efforts are helping in making this species bounce back from verge of extinction. PC Siddharth Singh. Magical Terai.”

“The photographer wishes to express his gratitude to everyone,” he subsequently added. This is precisely the objective of conservation photography: to convey the appropriate message to the audience.”

Indian tiger populations have increased by 33 percent in just four years, according to an Indian census.

Even with these encouraging numbers, the tigers are still classified as endangered because there are only 3,900 tigers left in the world.

Regarding the global state of tigers, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says: “After a century of decline, total wild tiger numbers are starting to inch higher. Based on the best available information, tiger numbers are constant or expanding in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, and China.

“Around 3,900 tigers survive in the wild, but much more work is needed to ensure this species’ survival in the wild. Tiger populations continue to decline in some locations, including much of Southeast Asia.”