The Amazon delivery driver jumps into the pool to save the old Husky from drowning in the pool

We have heard countless stories over the years about hero dogs who risked everything, even their own lives, to save people in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

However, sometimes the table gets turned upside down and we are forced to step onto the plate within hours of need, and that’s what happened last month.

Amazon employee John Cassabria was making deliveries one afternoon in Woburn, Massachusetts, when he heard a strange noise.

The young man was doing his usual rounds when he heard a strange noise he tried to describe.

“It was like a whistle and a howl – like the way the wind howled through a tree branch,” Cassabria said.

Unable to shake his curiosity, Cassabria went to investigate. He was quickly led to a house surrounded by a fence. After looking closely, he identifies the source of the strange sounds; It was a drowning dog in a swimming pool, desperately in need of help.

John does not know that dog is Luka; a 14-years-old husky entered the pool after its bones were trapped in the pool vacuum. The older dog also has problems with its feet that have been underwater for quite some time and is currently struggling to stay afloat.

Alerted, John jumped over the fence and jumped into the pool, with his wallet and phone still in his pocket and even still wearing his shoes!

The owner of four dogs himself, John admits at the time he had a unilateral mind, “all I can think of is getting it out of the pool and making sure it’s safe.”

Thankfully, John could pull Luka on dry ground, but it can be understood that the dog is trembling and scared.

“He doesn’t want me to leave him. Every time I got up, he would hit me with his foot or nudge me – so I was with him the whole time.

John then called animal control and waited for the dog for an hour and a half. Coincidentally, the arriving policeman was the neighbor of Lukas’s owners and contacted the family to inform them of what had just happened.

It turns out that Lukas’s mother, Julie, who had just been on vacation and had scheduled a babysitter to take care of the old dog, however, he got himself into trouble before they arrived.

Fortunately, John has come to the right place, at the right time, and can save the poor dog.

Needless to say, the Luka family was deeply grateful for John’s heroic deeds. However, the humble man admitted to having to struggle to see himself as no ordinary person.

He said that any other dog owner would do the same thing, and maybe he’s right, but he’s still a hero to us!

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