An abandoned dog cannot stop laughing on camera after being adopted

Just a few months ago, Snoop the Staffordshire bull terrier was the only lonely dog in the world.

His owner threw it away with all the dog’s curb furniture in England – and all recorded on the camera. Footage posted on social media showed poor Snoop chasing the car, clearly heartbreaking to be left alone.

After going through so much in the public eye, Snoop finally had something to smile about: He has been adopted. His new father, Laurence Squire, couldn’t be happier being the lucky one to bring Snoop home.

“One evening, I was watching the news when Snoop’s story came out,” Squire said in a statement. “What happened to him was shocking, and it was clear from the footage – the way he tried to get into the car – that he was a loyal dog.”

Snoop is undoubtedly loyal – in fact, so faithful that those who rescued him from the RSPCA say he is prone to worrying about a separation.

Luckily, Snoop’s new dad works from home, so they’ll be able to spend a lot of time together.

Even though it’s only been a few weeks, Snoop has settled well and his new life couldn’t be more perfect for him. Rachel Butler, the RSPCA spokesperson, said Snoop seemed extremely comfortable with her new family during her recent home visit.

“The love and care he’s getting from Laurence now are amazing,” Butler said. “Snoop is living like a king.”

Snoop was napping, playing, and running around like the happy dog ​​he’d always wanted to be – but he still didn’t let his new dad go too far from his sights.

“I think he is the perfect dog for me and that I can give him a home he deserves,” said Squire. “As soon as he entered the house for the first time, he jumped on the sofa, and it was as if he decided it was the space for me! He
loves lying on the back of the couch, and if I light the fire, he will curl up in front of it.