An adorable bobcat family spends over a month in a woman’s front yard

When you step outside your house in the morning and come face to-face with a family of wild cats, it’s not something you can easily deal with. But if you reside just a few feet from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, things may be a little different.

Kate Smith, a Mesa resident, recently posted a picture of her front porch on Twitter to show the world. In the now-viral shot, the mother bobcat and her two kids are blissfully napping on the woman’s property. There is nothing better than waking up to such a beautiful scene, but Kate claims that the unwelcome guests have been staying for about a month now and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Smith informed the Daily Mesa News, “These guys have been here for a month. I was told that once the boys are old enough to hunt alone, they should move on, but they have been here for a while.

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials said they tried to help the woman when she initially called and requested help transporting bobcats. As a result, Kate finally agreed to host visitors as a sign of her commitment to wildlife conservation (no rent required). There is nothing she can do but hope that one day the cute cats will leave her doorstep.”

“The answer they gave me was that if you took them out of their territory, they usually don’t survive, so I said, ‘Oh, forget it,” the woman said. “I have a sign in the driveway for the delivery people to tell them not to come into our yard. All the neighbors and family know that they shouldn’t come to the front door. Our dog is grounded at this point.”

Wildlife officials told Kate not to get too close to the bobcats, even though they live on the same porch, since they could become agitated and violent. Despite the fact that “everyone shouts, “Oh my god, give them water,” the deer and fish advised me not to give them water because they didn’t want them to be comfortable, “Kate explained.

This Santa Fe, New Mexico woman awoke to find a charming bobcat family living on her porch, too. She recorded them as well. They’re all right here for your viewing pleasure: